Crossing I-10!

Early Sunday morning while Vail was sleeping, fiber construction crews made the crossing over Interstate 10 to reach our schools to the south. Requiring careful coordination with ADOT and Highway Patrol, traffic was brought to a halt while the fiber was hung and pulled across. Here are some pictures taken as the sun was rising on a beautiful May morning.

It’s a beautiful morning in Vail!
Turns out it’s a really big deal to shut down an interstate highway. This morning was planned months in advance.
Crews start by “lashing up” the fiber conduit on the north side of the interstate.
Traffic is diverted as the fiber crew drags the fiber conduit across one sideā€¦
and then the other. Now to “lash up” on the other side and tie it into the fiber already placed along Houghton towards Andrada Polytechnic High School.